Sunday, September 4, 2011

3-Party Accord

Be forewarned. There are spots in this translation I straight up gave up on. Maybe I will edit it later. The short story is that PM Noda is seeking an agreement with the LDP and Komeito in order to have better cooperation in the Diet. This is not a good translation!

PM Noda proposes a meeting with heads of the LDP and Komeito to create a 3 party mutual understanding accord

New PM Noda sought meetings with LDP President Tanigaki Sadakazu and New Komeito representative Yamaguchi Natsuo to communicate his idea for an accord between the three parties that included a review of the DPJ Manifest and fortified his desired idea for cooperation in policy discussions and diet operations. Upon his seperate meetings with the two politicians on the first, he will launch his plan for the new cabinet on the second. Changes to the new cabinet include, former party policy research chairman Jojima Koriki, and New Komeito member Jimi Shozaburo has been reappointed as Finance and Postal reform Minister.

National Diet Strategy Committee Chairman Hirano Hirofumi (DPJ) called for a meeting between LDP member Aisawa Ichiro and Komeito member Urushibara Yoshio on the 31st. At the secretary-general meeting with DPJ secretary-general Koshiishi Azuma on the first, if the 3 party accord is the plan accepted during the party leader conference than the LDP promised to implement it.

In the middle of August before PM Noda accepted the prime ministership, the LDP and Komeito indicated their idea to call for a grand coalition but the DPJ leadership stated in regard to this conference of party leaders that "rather than a grand coalition we appeal for cooperation in the Diet before the formation of a new cabinet". With the LDP and Komeito's idea sought during the early stages of the extraordinary session of the Diet, concerning the National Diet management cooperation Noda's administration's move is made sure of.


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