Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My 2010 book list update. EDIT: Updated July 28.

Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami
East Asian Multilateralism - Francis Fukuyama and Kent E. Calder
Speed Tribes - Karl Greenfeld Taro
Discourses of the Vanishing - Marylin Ivy
Gold Rush - Yu Miri
Pacific Alliance - Kent E. Calder
Yakuza - David E. Kaplan and Alec Dubro
Sexual Violence and the Law in Japan - Catherine Burns
Hiroshima - John Hersey  
International Relations of Asia - Shambaugh & Yahuda eds.

In Progress:
Korea's Place in the Sun - Bruce Cumings
I am a Cat - Natsume Soseki
中国行きのスロウ・ボート 村上春樹 Slow Boat to China - Haruki Murakami (Short Story Collection)
Goal is to finish all of these before leaving for Japan!

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