Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recent Goings On

I recently finished East Asian Multilateralism, comipled/edited by Kent Calder and Francis Fukuyama. In general, I liked the book - there was little that stuck out as unreasonable to me. Maybe I will try and pick an article or two to talk about here later in the week.

I have also been reading
Gold Rush by 在日 author Yu Miri (柳 美里) which is not for the squeamish so far, but on the whole a fairly quick read. I'm still about a quarter of the way through.

Lastly, I started taking Advanced Japanese at Japan-America Society in the windy city. It is interesting being back in a classroom setting for Japanese since it has been about a year, but I got into the mix fairly quickly. The class is taught by an older Japanese woman who has that goofy おばちゃん appeal. All in all, I am satisfied so far.

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